Trek to Connector Trail

Date 2013-03-10
Distance 16.3 km10.1 mi
Duration 3h:58m
Photos 17

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This was a 10 mile trip to track just the 1 mile of connector trail between the two  corridors 4 & 7 and 407 just North of Clement Shelter. Also Thanks to Gary Arthur for noticing that roads tracked in this trip and on the original track via the groomer did not belong in the Sno-Birds trail map. On both trips the Gilman and Upper Cold River roads were used for convenience. It is much shorter than the route back over the 2,600 ft. hill east of Clement Shelter. As for this trip on skis, I was just plain tired while the trip in the groomer with Roy, heading over the steep hill  that had given us so much trouble didn't seem like a good idea so the road route was the best alternative in both situations.