Skiing the Sno-Birds Upgraded East Access Trail

Date 2013-12-19
Distance 6 km3.7 mi
Duration 1h:23m
Photos 6

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This trail is a Shrewsbury Sno-Birds VAST snowmobile trail that has gone unused for several years because it was too narrow for the new drag pulled by the groomer. In the fall of 2013 the Sno-Birds widened and smoothed the trail to accommodate the new drag. Opening this trail provides season long access to the VAST trail system from the Upper Cold River Road VAST Parking Area. The West feed trail (the only option until this trail was opened) follows several plowed roads before reaching the trails so was not a good option in warmer weather when the dirt roads melted off.The trail condition was a bit rough for skiing but considering it was just under construction with only one snowfall, it was surprisingly good. I’m quite sure VAST snowmobilers will enjoy this access to the trail system.