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Baan Doi Pui to Buddah Footprint and beyond 2018-05-06 12.2 km7.6 mi 5h:36m


Minnie Kerrison

Sunday hike_Baan Doi Pui to Buddha foot print and beyond.
Another hot humid day with midges making the hike quire unbearable until we got up on the ridge where the altitude (1500metres) and a cool breeze did away with the biting creatures and made the trek a delight.

Huai Tueng Thao_Mae Lai loop hike 2018-04-29 16.4 km10.2 mi 6h:14m 1 photo


It was a hot day and this was a long hike,17.3 km with 700 metre elevation gain.
It took us over six hours (with 3 stops) to complete the loop and included four river crossings.
Despite the heat, it was most worthwhile to be out in the countryside as we had clear blue skies and fluffy (cumulus) clouds.
No snakes although did spot a huge beetle.

Doi Pak Hom Pok 2018-04-12 3.4 km2.1 mi 2h:00m


Drove up from Chiangmai to Doi Pak Hom Pok national park in Fang district. Spent one night there and then hired a 4WD to take me up to the higher campground. A few hours sleep and then up at 3.30am to start the steep gruelling 3.5km hike in the dark to the summit (2285metres) to catch the sunrise. The top of the second highest mountain in Thailand was a real peak with panoramic 360 - degree views.

Shimla 2016-11-04 114.3 km71 mi 9h:53m


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