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Iceline Trail 2014-07-16 12.9 km8 mi 5h:55m 15 photos

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Lake 'O Hara 2014-07-15 11.2 km6.9 mi 4h:11m 15 photos

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Plain of the 6 Glaciers 2014-07-14 19 km11.8 mi 7h:22m 13 photos

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Helen Lake 2014-07-13 15.7 km9.7 mi 5h:34m 11 photos

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Eiffel Lake 2014-07-12 12.3 km7.6 mi 4h:14m 6 photos

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Stanley Glacier 2014-07-11 13.6 km8.4 mi 3h:58m 11 photos

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Grassi Lakes 2014-07-10 4.7 km2.9 mi 1h:24m 7 photos

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Grinnell Glacier - Grinnell Lake 2014-07-08 9.8 km6.1 mi 3h:22m 19 photos

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please note that we could not go all the way to the Grinnell Glacier.  The trail was closed due to snowfields.We did walk all the way back to Many Glacier, but took the boot on Lake Josephine and Swiftcurrent Lake.

Swiftcurrent Pass - Granite Chalet 2014-07-07 13.3 km8.2 mi 5h:11m 12 photos

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we started this hike from Many Glacier and planned only going to Bullhead Lake.  However, because we found it too short, we continued with the Swiftcurrent Pass Switchbacks.  We got such amazing views that we decided to  continu to the top of the Swiftcurrent Pass.

Avalanche Lake 2014-07-06 3.9 km2.4 mi 1h:08m 5 photos

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Statistics Charts

Kalaman Kalaman
Trips 38
Photos 430
Total distance 350 km218 mi
Max distance 30 km19 mi
Avg distance 9 km6 mi
Total duration 5 days 1h:27m
Max duration 7h:22m
Avg duration 3h:11m

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