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Silver Falls State Park 2015-10-14 4.8 km3 mi 2h:07m


Beautiful hike in Silver Falls State Park.  We hiked on part of the trail of Ten Falls while visiting our friends, the Lawsons.  We had two vehicles, so we dropped off a group at the Twin Falls Trailhead and shuttled the vehicles over to the Winter Falls Trailhead.  We then met up at Twin Falls and hiked to Lower North Falls before returning along the same route to Winter Falls.

Elowah Falls 2015-10-12 2.7 km1.7 mi 1h:26m 1 photo

ElowahFalls.jpg Map

Great short hike in Columbia River Gorge to a beautiful waterfall.

Elephant Hill 2015-04-10 24.4 km15.1 mi 6h:18m 1 photo

1428700093268.jpg Map

Fantastic four-wheel drive road in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.  The trail is difficult, but doable in an aggressive stock SUV with high clearance.  We took our '98 Jeep TJ with 31" tires and had no problems along the trail.  The trail begins by climbing up and over Elephant Hill.  This is by far the most difficult part of the trail.

Notch Mountain Trail 2014-08-14 17.1 km10.6 mi 8h:55m 24 photos

2014-08-28 209.JPG 2014-08-28 190.JPG 2014-08-28 189.JPG 2014-08-28 188.JPG Map

One-way shuttle hike from Bald Mountain Trailhead to Crystal Lake Trailhead on the Notch Mountain Trail in the Uintas.  We took a small youth group with about 6 kids and 5 adults.  The trail begins near the summit of the Mirror Lake Highway at about 10,600 feet, so the hike begins going downhill.

Panorama-Mist Trails 2014-05-29 15.3 km9.5 mi 7h:25m 48 photos

2014-05-30 390.JPG 2014-05-30 407.JPG 2014-05-30 396.JPG 2014-05-30 388.JPG Map

World-class hike from Glacier Point to Yosemite Valley along the Panorama and Mist Trails.  Take Glacier Point tour bus from Yosemite Lodge to Glacier Point ($25 one-way) and begin descent on Panorama Trail.  Trail descends to Ilillouette Fall with a nice viewpoint directly across from the fall.

Porcupine Creek-North Dome-Upper Yosemite Fall 2014-05-27 19.8 km12.3 mi 8h:52m 26 photos

2014-05-30 262.JPG 2014-05-30 243.JPG 2014-05-30 233.JPG 2014-05-30 229.JPG Map

One-way shuttle hike from Porcupine Creek Trailhead on Tioga Road.  Hike from trailhead down Indian Ridge to North Dome.  Excellent views of Half Dome and Yosemite Valley.  Hike back from North Dome onto Indian Ridge and then head east to Yosemite Point, crossing a couple of small creeks and traversing some beautiful pine forests.

17-Mile Drive Coastal Trail 2014-02-07 3.4 km2.1 mi 0h:47m


Coastal trail walk from Monterey Peninsula Country Club to Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove during AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Pfeiffer Beach 2014-02-02 0.8 km0.5 mi 0h:28m 5 photos

2014-02-09 129.JPG 2014-02-09 118.JPG 2014-02-09 138.JPG 2014-02-09 135.JPG Map

Short walk along Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur.  It was a rainy day, but we couldn't resist stopping on our way from Kirk Creek Campground to Pacific Grove.  It was nice to have the whole beach to ourselves due to the weather.  Always beautiful at Pfeiffer Beach.

Nacimiento Road 2014-02-02 7.4 km4.6 mi 0h:24m 9 photos

2014-02-09 061.JPG 2014-02-09 060.JPG 2014-02-09 059.JPG 2014-02-09 058.JPG Map

Scenic drive to top of Nacimiento Road, starting near Kirk Creek Campground on Highway 1.

Forest road 041 to Trial Lake 2013-06-07 30.9 km19.2 mi 2h:47m 1 photo

1370644603343.jpg Map

While camping at Cobblerest Campground, we explored Forest Road 041.  The road begins less than a mile below Cobblerest on the Mirror Lake Highway.  The road begins in good, graded condition.  As we climbed higher in altitude, the road became more rough.  A few spots on the road were essentially large boulder fields.  High-clearance 4wd vehicles required.

White Rim Trail 2013-04-26 150.1 km93.3 mi 11h:32m 39 photos

Gooseneck Trailhead Looking down the Shafer switchbacks Musselman Arch Trailhead Beginning of Shafer Trail off Island in the Sky Road Map

The White Rim Trail has been one of those "bucket list" items for me for years, particularly since owning a jeep.  When we moved back to Utah in the summer of 2012, we put this trip high on our priority list.  When my in-laws expressed interest in coming, I hurried and secured permits for April 26 & 27, 2013.Words and photos cannot describe the wonder and beauty of this place.

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