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Big Bear to Pioneertown 2010-08-08 148.6 km92.4 mi 5h:00m 19 photos

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Fun Ride through Cactus Flats and Pioneertown to Yucca Valley and back.

am hike 2010-03-03 5.4 km3.4 mi 1h:05m 1 photo

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Yuha 2009-12-13 72.3 km44.9 mi 3h:12m 52 photos

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Thanksgiving '09 2009-11-28 65.5 km40.7 mi 3h:25m


Body Bag Camp 2008-12-13 25.4 km15.8 mi 3h:11m


Painted Gorge 2008-02-16 9.8 km6.1 mi 1h:07m 11 photos

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Cucamonga Cowboys 2008-02-10 34.4 km21.4 mi 2h:34m 17 photos

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Headed up to Alta Loma yesterday with Brian and decided to bring the bikes along to do some exploring in Brian's old back yard. Despite the efforts of some of the local residents to close off the trails we were able to find our way up into the mountains through what has now become goat trails. Great trip and we got to see some snow up close and personal.

Ocotillo Dualsport 2008-01-27 72 km44.7 mi 3h:46m 5 photos

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Cucamonga Canyon 2007-01-06 30.3 km18.8 mi 2h:31m


Toroweap Loop 2006-09-02 490.7 km304.9 mi 15h:11m


Veronica to San Felipe 2004-03-28 182 km113.1 mi 4h:18m 43 photos

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Ken's Sky Rancho (in progress) 2003-05-10 89.6 km55.7 mi 5h:03m


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