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Bruce Trail End-to-End 29 - Third Line to Limehouse 2016-07-02 11.4 km7.1 mi 3h:35m 27 photos


A hike along the Bruce Trail from Third Line to Limehouse. Includes the Charles Hildebrandt Side Trail, the Canada Goose Side Trail and the Limehouse Access Trail.

Bruce Trail End-to-End 28 - Speyside to Third Line 2016-05-22 9.7 km6 mi 3h:06m 25 photos


A hike along the Bruce Trail from Speyside to the Third Line. Includes the Speyside North Side Trail and the Speyside South Side Trail.

Inca Trail - Day 4 2015-10-13 5.2 km3.2 mi 2h:54m 18 photos


Doesn't include the short hike from camp to the end of the line for entrance into the Machu Picchu area. Ends at the main entrance to Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail - Day 3 2015-10-12 12.7 km7.9 mi 8h:56m 56 photos


Includes a short side trip up steep steps to Sayaqmarca and the longer route to hike through Intipata.

Inca Trail - Day 2 2015-10-11 9.6 km5.9 mi 6h:52m 31 photos


Inca Trial - Day 1 2015-10-10 18.5 km11.5 mi 7h:46m 31 photos


Includes an extra 5km of walking past road work to the normal starting point.

There were a couple sections where the GPS lost the satellites due to the high and steep valley walls.

Elgin Trail - Southern Half 2015-09-20 21.9 km13.6 mi 6h:27m 36 photos


A hike from the southern terminus of the Elgin Trail to the mid-point.

Bruce Trail End-to-End 27 - Dufferin Quarry Bridge to Speyside 2015-08-08 15.3 km9.5 mi 4h:35m 19 photos


A hike along the Bruce Trail from the Dufferin quarry bridge to Speyside.

Bruce Trail End-to-End 26 - Kelso to Dufferin Quarry Bridge 2015-04-25 5.2 km3.2 mi 1h:24m 11 photos


Hike along the Bruce Trail from Kelso Conservation Area to the Dufferin quarry bridge.

Return track is missing because the battery in the GPS ran out just before we got to the bridge.

Aneroid Lake 2014-09-24 22.6 km14 mi 7h:21m 25 photos


A hike to Aneroid Lake via the West Fork Wallowa River trail.

Iron Mountain via Cone Peak Trail 2014-09-16 11.5 km7.2 mi 3h:46m 25 photos


A hike up Iron Mountain via the Cone Peak Trail. Descent via the Iron Mountain Trail.

Bruce Trail End-to-End 25 - Crawford Lake to Kelso 2014-08-23 21.7 km13.5 mi 5h:55m 30 photos

IMG_9462.JPG IMG_9459.JPG IMG_9450.JPG IMG_9449.JPG Map

A hike along the Bruce Trail from Crawford Lake Conservation Area to Kelso Conservation area. Includes the Crawford Lake Side Trail. Return hike via Glen Eden Side Trail, Leech Porter Side Trail and Canyon Bypass Side Trail.

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