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A walk with Kora 20150722 click satellite for the best view! 2015-07-22 1.9 km1.2 mi 0h:45m 18 photos

I don't often see deer, they hear me coming and leave.  Kora was quiet and came to my feet while I took pictures. Map

Lucky Kora got to see a deer family and the two ponies at pasture. I can see that the track is off a little bit. It looks like we went through the old orchard but we were up above that on the old road. Sometimes tree cover interferes with accuracy.

Ranger 20150718 - click on "Satellite" for the best view. 2015-07-18 2 km1.2 mi 0h:48m 15 photos


Ranger loved his hike!

Hollis 7/14/2015? Click "Satellite" for best view 2015-07-15 1.5 km0.9 mi 0h:22m 5 photos


Annie's walk 2015-06-25 1.5 km0.9 mi 0h:32m 5 photos


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Cynthia D. Eliason Cynthia D. Eliason
Trips 25
Photos 97
Total distance 100 km62 mi
Max distance 13 km8 mi
Avg distance 4 km2 mi
Total duration 1 day 5h:58m
Max duration 3h:05m
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