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Spade Oak Dog Walk 2014-11-10 4.7 km2.9 mi 1h:21m


Thames Path And Around 2014-05-31 37.8 km23.5 mi 3h:26m 14 photos

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Knowl Hill Bridleway 2014-05-30 30.7 km19 mi 3h:13m 9 photos

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Bourne End to Aston 2014-05-28 21.6 km13.4 mi 2h:47m 10 photos

Sheep at Hurley Feeding the donkeys A field of donkeys at Bisham Marlow Map

This was part of a longer ride that took us to Henley from where we used the excellent Salters Steamers boat service back to Marlow (4.15pm departure during the summer). Much of the ride is on the Thames Path with numerous 'no cycling' signs which in the height of summer I can understand.

A Taste Of The Chilterns 2014-05-14 16.8 km10.4 mi 3h:35m 6 photos

farm ...and under the M40 Down a beautiful track... sheep Map

I generally avoid hills so I found some of this a bit of a struggle, especially as it was quite muddy and very overgrown in parts. However, I was rewarded by amazing views and a lovely downhill stretch into Marlow. I will be doing this again, but intend cutting off the part that goes under and by the side of the M40 as it just spoils an otherwise tranquil ride in the countryside.

Spade Oak Nature Reserve 2014-04-22 3.7 km2.3 mi 0h:25m 4 photos

Pheasant Swan Duck Footpath sign at start Map

Family friendly ride suitable for all ages but take care with young children as the water is very deep. Best suited to a mountain or hybrid bike as the track is rough and gets very muddy in winter. Short detours are to the Spade Oak, Kings Head and Queens Head pubs.

There is a car park in Coldmoorholm Lane and an ice cream van appears by the river in the Summer.

Bath - Reading 2010-01-01 135.8 km84.4 mi 13h:35m


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