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Big Falls Hike - Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve 2015-06-20 6.5 km4 mi 2h:26m


Russell County, Virginia


9 miles - about 6 hours

Devils Fork Loop Trail - Scott County 2015-06-04 12 km7.5 mi 5h:11m 128 photos


Including Devils Pool and Devils Bathtub - 7.

Wilderness Tail thru Cumberland Gap 2015-05-24 6.4 km4 mi 2h:02m 82 photos


4 miles from Virginia via Cumberland Gap to Kentucky, including a stop on Tri-State Peak where Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky meets.

Blue Ridge Parkway - Rockbridge County, Virginia 2015-05-11 117.3 km72.9 mi 2h:26m 13 photos


Start the drive at Vesuvius and end in Buchanan - a southerly direction

Natural Bridge Station 2015-05-09 15.4 km9.5 mi 4h:26m 107 photos


9.6 miles from the Sulphur Springs Trailhead on Petite's Gap Road to the end at Hell's Gate.

Balcony Falls - Devil's Marbleyard Trail 2015-05-08 13.8 km8.6 mi 4h:43m 126 photos



Natural Bridge, Virginia - Monacan Trail 2015-05-04 6 km3.7 mi 2h:04m 67 photos


About 4 miles - starting behind the historic hotel near the old water tower

Lexington, Virginia - House Mountain & Little House Mountain Trail 2015-05-03 14.5 km9 mi 5h:04m 107 photos


Brushy Hills Trails - Lexington, Virginia, United States 2015-04-29 5.2 km3.2 mi 1h:15m 44 photos


I hiked the Red Trail, Dark Blue Trail and Light Blue Trail in an anti-clockwise circle.
It is a walk in the woods. There are no vistas or streams or scenic waterfalls. Great for trail running or just to get some exercise. Trail is in good condition and wide.

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Total distance 221 km137 mi
Max distance 117 km73 mi
Avg distance 20 km12 mi
Total duration 1 day 13h:52m
Max duration 5h:11m
Avg duration 3h:26m

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