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Tonga Ridge - Road 6830 2019-03-14 11.3 km7 mi 5h:03m 2 photos


We didn't make it up to Tonga Ridge because of snow conditions but did walk a ways up road 6830. Nice day to be out.

Mercer Island - Bike Ride 2019-03-13 18.2 km11.3 mi 1h:27m


Road Biking around Mercer Island

Wenatchee Crest - Blewett Pass 2019-03-09 5.3 km3.3 mi 5h:04m 5 photos


Beautiful day in a great area

West Tiger 1 2019-02-25 11.3 km7 mi 4h:08m 3 photos


Sunset trip during snowmaggedon

Snoqualmie Pass - Lodge Lake 2019-01-31 3.7 km2.3 mi 3h:42m 1 photo


Statistics Charts

David B David B
Trips 26
Photos 48
Total distance 284 km176 mi
Max distance 22 km14 mi
Avg distance 11 km7 mi
Total duration 4 days 6h:41m
Max duration 9h:13m
Avg duration 3h:57m

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