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My Backyard 2016-06-29 44.7 km27.8 mi 4h:15m 18 photos


Millions Like Salad 2016-06-29 99.8 km62 mi 8h:55m 8 photos

Hydroponics Hydroponics Paddy fields with Egret and Asian Openbills Paddy fields with Egret and Asian Openbills in middle left of photo Map

Biking along the river 2016-05-22 20 km12.4 mi 1h:44m


Biking to strawberry fields 2016-03-02 38.6 km24 mi 3h:00m 7 photos

Cafe in the river Strawbs....Ripe for the picking and very sweet Cafe in the river....literally. Wat Map

Buddha's Footprint hike 2016-02-28 9.6 km6 mi 3h:55m 23 photos

No view whatsover....low cloud Very pretty flowers Lots to see on the forest floor On the way up to Buddha's Footprint Map

Bike ride to Huay Tung Tao_07_09_2015 2015-09-07 42.8 km26.6 mi 3h:39m 8 photos

Colgate advert.....the geriatrics version. What a happy bunny. The lake_ Huay Tung Tao Map

Much cooler now in September, made the 42km bike ride to Huay Tung Tao (lake) very pleasant. Only Nescafe at the coffee shop, no cappuccino or latte....made up for by the great views.

Bike ride southeast of Chiangmai 2015-06-15 46 km28.6 mi 3h:46m 13 photos

Fish farming in the Ping River Map

Went on a lovely 46km bike ride along the river in 34 degrees of heat....very pretty countryside, lots of birds but the best thing we saw (spotted by Terry) were a pair of blue crested lizards, the bigger one was about 20cm (the one on the bark of the tree) the other one, on the floor, was about 15cm in length. Out and about in real rural Thaiand today, no coffee house today.

Chiang Mai 2015-06-12 36.5 km22.7 mi 4h:16m 3 photos

Olive-backed sunbird Looking for olive-backed sunbird Weaver bird nests Map

36km bike ride to south of city, very hot, 36degrees but found a lovely coffee shop by the river.

Biking to Mae Kuang Dam, Chiangmai (60km) 2015-05-08 60.8 km37.8 mi 5h:16m 7 photos

Terry, looking very dapper in his biking outfit In my biking outfit. View of the reservoir from Mae Kuang Dam at around Dam wall in the foreground. Map

We said that we would set out 'early' for this trip to avoid the worst of the heat. So at 10.30 am (not quite the crack of dawn) we set off on our bikes. The gps certainly helped in the rural area with navigation through the villages and paddy fields. We rode with the mountains as a backdrop, very beautiful scenery.

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Minnie Kerrison Minnie Kerrison
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