Appalachian Trail - Rt 225 to Rt 850

Date 2010-04-09
Distance 28.8 km17.9 mi
Duration 13h:18m
Photos 25

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I spent the weekend hiking the AT through Duncannon with a friend.  We started around 7:00 at PA 225 and hiked to Clarks Ferry Shelter.  We got there around 9:00 and hiked for about an hour in the dark.  It was cold Friday night.  The thermometer on my watch read 38*. 
Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast, packed and were on the trail around 9:00.  We stopped for lunch in Duncannon at the Doyle Hotel.  We continued our hike through town and started up the ridge.  This section of the trail was very rocky and slow-going.  The overlook at the top was worth seeing.  We stayed at Cove Mountain shelter for the night.  The temperature was much nicer Saturday night and only got down to 53*.
Sunday morning we had breakfast, packed up and hiked to Rt 850 where we ended our hike.

Check out the Doyle Hotel in Duncannon.  The food is great and they are very accommodating to hikers.
The sign for the Cove Mountain shelter was on the ground and not easily seen (we didn't see it until Sunday morning on our way out).  The trail to the shelter is marked with blue blazes.