Samrad - Ratangad- Ratanwadi

Date 2019-10-03
Distance 13.8 km8.6 mi
Duration 10h:12m
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Started trekking from Samrad village to Ratangad via Trimbak Darwaja. After descend via the ladders on the Eastern side of the fort, we reached the diversion where one trail goes to Ratanwadi village and the train towards right goes to Kumshet village. After having lunch at the stream nearby, we took the trail that would have taken us to Kumshet village to trek Harshchandragad from the nearby village of Pachnai next day. However we lost the way (there was no GPS train available for this sector) in the forest and with the help of a villager who was looking for his cows, managed to reach Ratanwadi village.