Squak Mountain:State Park/ West Peak-Central Peak

Date 2010-09-11
Distance 9.6 km5.9 mi
Duration 3h:11m
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One route hiked on 9/11/10 in Squak Mountain State Park. Out of the group, this was the longest route hiked, and encompassed both the west and central peaks. The hike included two extended breaks for food and water (one at each peak). Since the trees still have all their foliage, there were no real views on this hike, although the setting and scenery were still beautiful. While Cougar and Tiger Mountain are usually pretty busy and crowded, Squak Mountain is almost always less so (on this hike, we passed maybe 5 or 6 pairs of hikers in 3 hours).

As of 9/11/10, the Equestrian Loop Trail is closed - take this into consideration for trip planning. Maps:Garmin TOPO 24K WestGreen Trails (Cougar Mountain)Issaquah Alps Squak Mountain Map & Trail Guide