Illahee Preserve (South) - Wandering 1

Date 2010-10-17
Distance 3.4 km2.1 mi
Duration 1h:52m
Photos 0

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J-Man, the dog, and I headed out on a nice afternoon while the rest of the family was at a birthday party. We had some trouble and had to log a DNF for the first geocache we tried... We achieved success on the second cache, however! We would have liked to have hit a few more in the area, but were running out of Fall daylight and decided to pack it in.

GPSRs with patch antennas will be WAY off in here (e.g. Garmin eTrex models). If that is what you've got, pause for a couple of minutes anytime you see daylight through the canopy to let the device get a better fix on your position/