Lower Lena Lake Trail #810

Date 2012-08-25
Distance 8.7 km5.4 mi
Duration 3h:59m
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First "long" backcountry hike with 10 year old son. He carried all of his own gear (10 essentials, including food and H2O - 10lb pack). We hiked in for lunch and some play time at the lake and inlet stream, then hiked out.*Lost GPS satellites about 1/2 back on the return - I had to edit the track manually on EveryTrail to complete the map. This probably also affected the overall mileage: we went from the trailhead to the junction with the Brothers Trail (3.6 miles according to trail guides) and back - should have recorded closer to 7.2 miles.

If you go on a summer weekend, be prepared to see lots of people and dogs. Efforts have been made to deter switchback cutters, but the damage is there. Some trash and evidence of people who do not know how to make a cat hole, but still a beautiful hike.