Newberry Hill Heritage Park: Blue Gate-Old Timber-Wolf Ridge-Beaver Loop

Date 2013-01-26
Distance 3.8 km2.4 mi
Duration 0h:58m
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Stringing together another route on the north end of the park... There are a lot of combos and variety for shorter hikes on the north end. One of these days I'll have time to start hiking the south end (the loops are much longer in that section).

** Please note that the trail has been completely obliterated by the beavers (they've moved their mud wall north by about 25 meters) on the northern part of Beaver Loop, just to the west of the intersection with Flying Eagle and Little Creek. It looks like the are preparing a new section of trail further north to reconnect (there are flags and engineer tape streamers marking a bit if a path) - my track follows that path.