NH Saco River Paddle 2015-05-24

Date 2015-05-24
Distance 14 km8.7 mi
Duration 4h:01m
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Beautiful clear water, but low and slow. Had rained in a long time. Average 1300 CFS, but just 500 CFS today. 80°F air temp, but only 46°F water temp! First half, above the railroad bridge had frequent fast spots, but nothing challenging. Below the railroad bridge, there were no fast spots, slow and boring, but with rope swings. Last big turn above the railroad bridge had dangerous strainers that took out many boats of drunken teens as we watched and retrieved items from the river. Rented 5 Oldtown Vortex 10ft boats from Northern Extreeme in North Conway. Short, slow boats, but narrow, too. Terribly uncomfortable seats after a couple hours. Terrible heavy Carlisle paddles really wore out the arms of Jen and the kids.