A visit to Loulé

Date 2011-03-06
Distance 3.6 km2.3 mi
Duration 3h:04m
Photos 24

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A small bicycle visit to Loulé, in the Algarve (southern region of Portugal). No doubt bicycles are great for visiting small towns! Loulé looks really ugly when you approach it, as most Portuguese towns nowadays. However, the center is worthwhile, if not spectacular. A really old town, it still preserves part of its defensive walls, which you will find here and there. The center has been improved a lot as of late. A few good restaurants, apparently, though we managed to try only one worth mentioning: A Muralha.(Photos taken with a Blackberry 9700 Bold.)

It is a really small town that can be easily visited walking. It is nice to use a bicycle, though. Do yourself a favor and find a good guide about the monuments. The information available in the Web is very scant.