Sequoia National Park, Day 2: Mehrten Meadow to Alta Peak to Panther Creek

Date 2010-07-03
Distance 12.5 km7.8 mi
Duration 6h:39m
Photos 89

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Day 2 of our 3 day backpacking trip, and our only full day of hiking. First, we leave our backpacks and gear at our camp in Mehrten Meadow and head out to summit Alta Peak @ 11,200 ft. The trail had some areas of snow cover which required some scrambling but nothing that required crampons.The last 500 feet or so before the summit was covered in snow. Having walking sticks definitely helps keep your footing here. The peak was snow-free.After the summit, we return back to camp, pack up, and head out towards Panther Creek where we camp for the night. This section of the hike is mostly downhill.