Sequoia National Park, Day 3: Panther Creek to Eagle View to Giant Forest to Crescent Meadow

Date 2010-07-04
Distance 10.9 km6.8 mi
Duration 3h:21m
Photos 77

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The last day of our 3 day backpacking trip. We leave camp at Panther Creek and head towards the High Sierra Trail, which we take back to civilization at Crescent Meadow. Along the way you will see beautiful waterfalls and snow covered mountain tops in the distance. Many more water crossings than during the previous 2 days. We stop and spent some time at Eagle View and taking in the amazing views. Out in the distance you can see people at the top of Moro Rock. Not soon after leaving Eagle View, we enter the Giant Forest and end our trip at Crescent Meadow. We take a bus back to our cars at Wolverton, stopping to check out the General Sherman Tree along the way.