Indonesia 2011- Day 3 ( Makassar, Leang-Leang and Bantimurung,)

Date 2011-07-21
Distance 96.3 km59.8 mi
Duration 9h:04m
Photos 5

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Leang-Leang caves and Bantimurung waterfalls can be reached from Makassar by private taxi or by public transport( Bemo/ Pete-Pete).  We went by public transport: Daya terminal to Maros (Rp 5000 / per person); Maros to Leang-Leang (Rp 10000 per person).  From Leang-Leang we got another Pete-pete to Bantimurung(Rp 5000 / per person).   There will be more transport from / to Bantimurung than Leang-Leang.  So if no Pete-pete is available to Leang-Leang, one can first visit Bantimurung and then take a vehicle to Leang-Leang and come back by the same vehicle to the junction where the road from Maros splits to Leang-leang and Bantimurung.  There is an entrance fee of Rp 20000 at Leang-Leang; there will be very few visitors there and one of the officials will come to show the cave and will expect a tip.  There is an entrance fee of 20000 at Bantimurung as well.  Other than the waterfall, there are a couple of a large caves and also a gorge through which the river flows.