Round trip Leiden - Den Haag

Date 2014-05-25
Distance 63.5 km39.5 mi
Duration 8h:19m
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Actually I started from Oegstgeest which is close to the Leiden. First destination was the sea and sand beach. I stayed there for a while, just to feel how the water is cold and to enjoy the sound of the sea. Beautiful.Then I continued on the international cycle path to the Haag. The path is going along the coast and it is well marked. There were a lot of cyclists especially those on the "fast" bikes. The route also offers some view points to both sides.Just take a break and enjoy the nice view.In the Haag I had troubles to find the information center so I went back and forth. Finally I found it in the library building. I asked for the map and did short walk around. I didn't have time to visit many interested places and I didn't want to. The walk around was enough.It was after 14:00 so I rather continued with my trip and turned it back home. The plan was to visit some mills around the way back.First was the mill called "De Vlieger" and it was absolutely amazing. The mill is now the museum but it is still working. The owner of the mill make me guide and walked with me through the mill and explained all details. Wonderful. If you are interested in mill I strongly suggest this one.Then I continued to the three mills in a line and as I was told these mills are private so you can't get inside. However you can take a picture :-)Unfortunately here happens what I didn't want to happen. I got the tire defect. I didn't have a pump nor the tools to fix it. Last chance was to ask somebody. Luckily the people in second house had the tools and pump and helped me to repair it and I could continue in my trip.I lost the time with this so I decided then to shorten the planned trip and went directly to the home.I enjoyed the trip so much because the countryside was different on the coast and on the way back and the weather was nice.

Take the cycle path on the coast and visit the mill called "De Vlieger".