California 5th August

Date 2008-08-04
Distance 462.2 km287.2 mi
Duration 12h:01m
Photos 14

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The day started out at 55 F, and ended at 105F. It was HOT.The I58 resembles the Mars landscape in places, hot dry, with no visible signs of life, and it's HUGE. Where the I58 crosses the I5 I put 6.1 gallons of gas into the Goldwing. I was glad to get to that station!The road to Kernville is great. Take the right at Fig Orchard. A "proper" alpine road.Kernville is a great place to stop. After melting all day, a $9 pitcher of ice cold beer cooler me down!Town and area looked great, so we booked in for two nights.

Keep the tank full, as gas stations can be many miles apart. There are some real gems in the middle of nowhere.