Canal des Pangalanes

Date 2013-12-20
Distance 168.1 km104.4 mi
Duration 10h:24m
Photos 28

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That trip was made in four days, from December 20th to the 23rd, with three days by boat on the canal and one day by train to come back to Tamatave, the point of departure. The Canal des Pangalanes, one of the longest canals in the world, is a series of man made canals linking natural lakes and rivers running down the east coast of Madagascar for over 600 kilometers. It is used mainly for transportation and fishing, but it also contains unspoiled beaches. It was constructed by the French between 1896–1904. Part of it is now blocked by vegetation but it can easily be navigated from Tamatave to Andorato, a distance of around 90 kilometers.Traveling from one village to the next along this long aquatic corridor with constant changing aspects of sceneries is amazing. Life is peaceful and local people extremely kind. Lodging is not often provided in a five-star resorts but it gives a sense of what life is like for people leaving along this extremely beautiful waterway.