First Paddle of 2012

Date 2012-03-30
Distance 7.6 km4.7 mi
Duration 1h:38m
Photos 11

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One of my favorite places to paddle. Only a young couple walking the trail for company. No ice and the sun was warm enough I had to shed my sweater. The track back to near the landing was to look for my spray jacket which at the point I turned around, I realized I had not stashed it in one of my compartments though it was in my hand when I left the car. It was nowhere to be seen. Someone will be disappointed when they try it on as it is a tight fit over the head, has no zipper, and velcro so sticky it is a real annoyance. Specialized kayaking equipment - not meant to be used as an everyday windbreaker. My rig was the only one in the parking lot with kayak carriers but it would be too much to expect of the finder to leave it with the car. These are hard times so I can only presume he/she needed it worse than I.Anyway, back on the water, I found my paddling a bit rusty but enjoyed the spring day immensely. It was so good to be back on the water. Half way around I was wondering where all the wildlife was hiding. Only a few migrating ducks far overhead but when I got to the outlet I was greeted by two beavers splashing their tails at me and some ducks skimming the water surface at high speed and some geese on the water honking up a storm because they felt trapped between me and the end of the lake. I turned and left them to their end of the lake and headed back to the car.

Double check you have all your gear with you!